What are the Steps to Adjust Inventory in Reckon?

Reckon has become the most prescribed accounting applications that are used by a number of small and big companies. This application is a complete pack of incredible features where its users are able to keep a record of each and every expense and profit generated in the business and apart from this a user is able to generate invoices, making payments, manage inventory, forecast future growth and much more. 

In this blog, we are going to explain you the steps to adjust inventory with this application and in case, you need any assistance then contact Reckon support team New Zealand

First, you need to login to your QuickBooks application and then go to “Lists” or “Vendors” and after that, you need to click “Items” that is categorized under “Inventory Activities”.

Once you are there then you have to select “Adjust Quantity/Value on hand” in its list section or “Vendor” category.

Next, you need to type a date that you made your physical count of your inventory and next go to “Expense account” from its adjustment list you opened. This is a place where you get a complete idea on your available inventory.

After that you need to identify job and class if required from its list and next you have to enter new quantity or enter a new value in its “Quantity difference” column and the application will give you an adjusted quantity for you.

Now you need to put a tick on a box “value adjustment” in case, you wish to have an expanded version of this opened window, however, it is not important to change or adjust inventory.

Next, it will ask you to enter new count in its “New Quantity” column, in case; you are using an expanded method for value adjustment. This way will help you in mark down the value if market value goes down.

Now go to “Memo” text box where you have an opportunity to write a short note to describe. 

After entering a description, you have to click on “Save and Close” or you can choose “Save and New” to create a record of your versions.

With these steps, one can adjust the inventory in this application or you can take Reckon help from support team. Experts at the Reckon Tech Support Number 048879113 team are always prepared to help its users. 

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